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A lot has happened here but a new beginning is yet to come!

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There were times when I was active but now, not so much as such unfortuately I have become inactive, but one day there may be once again a new life that lives within the heart of this site, but that time is not now.

So whats with all the mumble jumble on the site? How is this site maintained? Well currently while there are no real content the setup for it is still automated. It uses some basic javascript in order to update the name of the site, for deployments it uses ansible, and ansible vault in order ot set some required fields that cannot be checked into the git repository. Oh which reminds me the main list of technologies that power this site and the majority of other sites I work on is:

  • Ansible
  • Golang
  • AngularJs
  • HTML5
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Git

So what happened to all the old content that was on here that we may still want to see? Well sometimes content gets old and stale, and looses it's luster. If something is not maintained then it generally does more damage than doing good. Showing old out of date content that could have changed over the last days, months, years could contradict what is curretly true, even though it may have been true in the past, as such it is better to remove the old.

On rarer occations sites get closed because they cost too much money to run, wait sites cost money to run? Everyone wants everything for free but there is no such thing as free. Bandwidth costs money, storage costs money, hosting costs money, everything costs money, which brings me to the point of the ad's on this site. If they provide enough revenue to pay for a site again then the site may once again return.

Some content while you wait!